Greetings, I'm Chris, a dedicated and fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), with a sincere passion for championing road safety.

Residing in the vibrant community of South Elmsall with my wonderful wife, Ali, and our son, Jake, I am enamored by the authenticity and friendliness of the people in this area. My profound understanding of the locale allows me to pinpoint optimal locations for lessons, ensuring that every pupil receives genuine value for their investment.

Beyond being a driving instructor, I am a proud advocate for the community. I find immense joy in contributing to the well-being of the local population through my commitment to road safety education. It's not just about teaching driving; it's about instilling a lifelong understanding of responsible and safe driving practices.

My journey into the realm of driving instruction was fueled by a desire for a profession that offers genuine satisfaction. Witnessing the elation on someone's face when they pass their test on the first attempt is an unparalleled joy for me. Teaching someone to drive goes beyond acquiring a skill; it's about empowering individuals, changing their lives for the better, and opening doors to endless possibilities. The gift of independence that driving bestows is truly transformative.

With over two decades of experience in the dynamic retail industry, having worked with esteemed brands like Asda and Morrison’s, I carry with me a deep-seated belief in fantastic customer service. Throughout my extensive career, I have assumed diverse roles, focusing on coaching and developing colleagues to fulfil their potential by actively listening to their needs and aspirations.

My commitment to excellence is further underlined by my training with LDC, where I gained expertise in the latest adult coaching and training techniques. This assures you that the instruction I provide is of the highest standard, reflecting contemporary teaching methodologies.

Having received invaluable support and guidance from LDC, I am now poised to take my business to the next level by going independent. Amidst the current challenges posed by the pandemic, I am unwavering in my commitment to providing high-quality, client-centred driving lessons in a COVID-19 safe environment.

Lessons under my guidance are conducted with an emphasis on creating a calm, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. I firmly believe that fostering a comfortable learning environment is key to ensuring that pupils not only grasp the technicalities of driving but also enjoy the process of acquiring this essential life skill.


Introducing my current driving vehicle - the Ford Fiesta ST Line X. This sleek and sporty model not only promises a thrilling driving experience but also ensures superb safety and convenience features for my students. With its dynamic 6-speed gearbox, aspiring drivers can master the art of smooth and controlled shifting. The built-in satellite navigation system makes every journey a breeze, ensuring that students can confidently navigate the roads. Equipped with rear parking sensors, the Fiesta ST Line X adds an extra layer of safety during parking maneuvers. The height-adjustable driving seat allows for a customised and comfortable driving position, accommodating drivers of all sizes. Additionally, the auto lights and wipers enhance the overall driving experience by providing optimal visibility in varying weather conditions. In this well-appointed vehicle, students can hone their driving skills with confidence, surrounded by the modern features that make learning enjoyable and efficient.

The car is designed to provide a comfortable and user-friendly environment for your driving lessons. If you have any inquiries about the vehicle or would like to schedule a trial to assess its suitability for your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 07711 144617. I'm happy to provide additional information and arrange a convenient time for you to experience the car first hand.