1 Hour Lesson - £37.00

Each individual driving lesson spans a duration of 60 minutes. If you reside in an area necessitating extensive travel, booking a 2-hour lesson may be necessary.

1.5 Hour Lesson - £55

Opting for a 1.5-hour lesson can enhance efficiency and accelerate your learning process. The extended 90-minute sessions prove more productive, providing uninterrupted time behind the wheel for better progress.

Block Of 10 Hours - £360.00

Choosing a 2-hour lesson not only offers cost savings but also accelerates your progress. These longer sessions are more economical and significantly enhance productivity due to the continuous, uninterrupted time spent behind the wheel.

2 Hour Lesson - £74.00

The duration of each lesson, whether 1 hour or 2 hours, depends on the travel distance. This flexible approach is highly favored, as it allows pupils to mix and match lesson durations, choosing between 1-hour, 1.5-hour, or 2-hour sessions based on their preferences and needs.